Meet Jayasree Rajendran,

An Entrepreneur, Founder, Holistic coach, NLP Trainer, Public speaker, Storyteller, Writer & upbeat person on a mission to empower people to overcome their limiting beliefs and uplift them to live a life of their dreams.

How it all started

Growing up in India she had a big dream of becoming a doctor to cure people’s pain. But, she ended up choosing Electronics and Communication Engineering and joined a corporate sector as an IT professional and had been working with people in top corporate companies for nearly a decade for one of the leading international banking software product.

She has lived and worked in major cities, traveled across the world, and led leadership roles in MNC’s. She had a successful professional career with a supportive team and an awesome job role, while everything seems to be perfect and great outside. This wasn’t the same inside for her.

“Respect yourself even when you are not able to put things right. Your core has the capability of aligning everything in place.”

Transformation phase

Jayasree was struggling very hard to find the reason for her emptiness. She developed anxiety and depression which made her go on a search for passion again.

While reflecting back in life she realized, “Her love for science & zeal for helping people never faded throughout her corporate race”. She decided to step outside of her comfort zone to redefine her life’s purpose and happiness.

Despite the fact that she began her spiritual journey 30 years later in life, that transformed her life completely and the way she lived. It was the most crucial factor that led her to where she is now.

“Always find happiness within yourself. Self-happiness is self-help.”

Thirst for learning

Her quest to learn new things never stopped, she explored various fields relating to science and psychology. In that, she has been incredibly curious about human potential. She had several questions in my mind.

Why do some people struggle while others thrive their way successfully? What makes their mindset different from others? She got deep into Neuro-Linguistic Programming Language, a Science of mind since 2007 that helps to reach all our dreams, if we know how to unlock true inner potential and reprogram our subconscious mind.

“Create a peaceful environment to lead a peaceful life, and it starts from within!”

Empowering people

Finally, she decided to give up the corporate career to pursue her passion in the year 2014. She started personal consulting with an intention to support people by educating them to manage their challenges and with a desire to guide them into the wonderful life that they deserve.

Jayasree Rajendran slowly began her entrepreneurial journey and then founded Bloombyond to extend her passion towards empowering people by overcoming their limiting beliefs, eliminating unwanted behaviors, and bringing clarity to their goals through her individual sessions and workshops.

She believes Mindset is everything and by learning and Reprogramming our limiting beliefs and patterns, one can achieve their highest potential and can lead their fullest form of living a fulfilling life in every possible way. In bloombyond we help you overcome your mental blocks and achieve peak performance by building long-lasting behavior patterns.

“The more you confine yourself, you become handicapped. Explore your mind and feel the Angel in you.”

Get clarity on your needs!

She has been a guide and coach for hundreds of driven, passionate women to create an exceptional life and career for themselves for more than a decade. If you are still reading, You have the spark to be one among them!

She loves helping determined people like you to get what you want in life. It may be anything from gaining clarity to improving your mental health. From setting you on a successful career path to breaking your existing beliefs, phobias & negative thought patterns… or all of it. Never settle for something less than you deserve.

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Her journey so far

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NLP Journey

She has started her NLP journey since 2007 with a renowned NLP Trainer in India, Ramesh Prasad.

Continued to extend her learning with VR Ranganathan, VrNlp one of the practical Trainer who applies NLP in his everyday life. Entered a Society of NLP Master Coach and NLP Trainers in Dubai with one of the renowned SNLP Master Trainer community. 

She was personally trained, coached, and also partnered with Dr.Doris Greenwood to conduct numerous trainings as a duo in Dubai both Online and Hybrid mode. 

Equipped, Elevated, Enlightened thousands of people’s lives from UAE, India, Srilanka, Singapore, USA to name a few. 

“It takes years to set the strong foundation to build an empire” – Jayasree always says. 

  • She holds Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering, post graduate in Business Administration, Masters in Psychotherapy and Counseling.
  • In her corporate career in esolve, Hexaware And Capgemini, she worked with banking clients in Sri Lanka, Mexico, and extensively in Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.
  • She was nominated in ‘Indian Women in Dubai Awards’ under Health & Wellness Category in 2021.


  1. Jayasree Rajendran,
    • NLP Trainer – American Board of NLP(ABNLP) & Society of NLP(SNLP) 
    • Emotional Intelligence Master 
    • NLP Master Coach – Society of NLP(SNLP)
    • NLP Master Practitioner – American Board of NLP(ABNLP) & Society of NLP(SNLP)
    • NLP Social and Personal Excellence – International Association for Counselors and Therapists(IACT) & VrNlp
    • Diploma in NLP – Onefluencer Training Academy

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