Neuro-linguistic Programming

“Heal the world with our NLP training”.

Imagine you have a genie inside you, it has the capability to do anything and everything in this world. All you need is to ask for a wish in its own language. This scenario is similar to your brain. Your brain can do anything. But you need to convey your goals in its own language that what you want to achieve. Here comes Neuro-Linguistic Programming which helps you to master the language of the mind. NLP is a set of simple, interesting, and effective techniques which facilitate individuals to identify and grow exponentially in every perspective of their life. 

“Be in charge of your mind and you will be in charge of your life”

It is simply a user manual for your subconscious brain that leads you to achieve your best life and recreate your destiny. It will enable you to take control of your mind which eventually transforms all aspects of your life.

NLP is a unique approach to influential communication that many of the world’s notable communicators like Martin Luther King, Oprah, Tony Robbins use to build a rapport with their audience and other persons. NLP can completely transform your life from the way you think, feel, and act.

“We help you to build a rapport with your subconscious mind to achieve success and to create your own destiny”

“Gain an in-depth understanding of Neuro-Linguistic Programming for personal growth and professional excellence with bloom byond.”

You can be an exceptional coach by training &  making an impact in people’s life. NLP training empowers you with powerful strategies and blueprints for a better understanding of your subconscious mind and enables you to communicate more effectively among the organization and people.

Why our NLP Training?

Many people who attend these training sessions are the ones who want to elevate their life personally and professionally. Some are already the coaches, mentors, psychologists, teachers, healers and therapists and some are students, doctors, engineers and corporate professionals. 

Most of them come and learn with us to bring out the transformations in themselves while some extend to apply it in others by going to the next level of NLP. With NLP, they learn the tools, techniques and strategies to empower themselves and others in every limiting state of mind. 

“NLP is a powerful framework used to assist people in reaching success in every
area of their lives.”

How does NLP help in all aspects of life?

  • Enhances your behavior, habits, non-verbal cues, confidence, & communication skills with ease.
  • Allows you to recognize new opportunities for advancing your personal & professional growth.
  • Helps you to achieve your personal and professional goals easily. 
  • Helps you to communicate assertively within yourself and with others. 
  • Aids you to build stronger & lasting relationships with a deep sense of connection.
  • Enables you to observe changes in a person’s physiology to read them better.
  • Assist in understanding your brain the way it processes and behaves in certain situations.  
  • Facilitates in improving overall productivity and developing a deep sense of self-awareness.
  • Eliminates fears and phobias that might be holding you back from success.
  • Elevates your life with uplifting thought patterns and enables you to unleash your true inner potential.
  • Empowers you to be an exceptional NLP coach who elevates other people’s lives with long lasting results.

“ Simply, it empowers and enriches your life in every possible way”


Our Guide to become a coach:

  • In-depth classroom/zoom training with minimal participants to give the best value for time and money. 
  • Host free practice sessions, we will provide support for a minimum of 6 months. 
  • You will be certified & approved as a NLP Practitioner and Coach by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP)on successful completion of the course. 
  • Gateway to continue your journey becoming a NLP Master practitioner & NLP Master Coach by ABNLP and SNLP(Society of NLP)

Eligibilities/ Who can join:

  • Anyone who is eager to explore beyond their existing beliefs and abilities. 
  • This will be the most transformative course if you are a trainer, mentor, coach, manager, employee, or therapist who is passionate about positively inspiring others.
  • HR experts, lawyers, teachers, business owners, students, IT managers, leaders, management teams, and personal trainers massively benefit from inculcating NLP techniques in their respective fields.
  • Basically anyone who wants to uplift theirs and others’ lives would benefit majorly. 

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Jayasree Rajendran is a renowned NLP instructor.

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