We help you to live a life of wellness, betterment, and fulfillment.

At BloomByond we help you to create the finest version
of yourself with our wide range of WELLNESS services.
We overhaul your lifestyle through our holistic approach
that will unleash your potential by taking you out of your comfort zone and it helps you to make better decisions
to live a fulfilling life.

We wholeheartedly believe it’s everyone’s right to be able to pursue a sense of purpose with their lives, learn more about who they are and what they stand for, and ultimately reach a state of total happiness through this journey of overall well-being.

Our services and programs encompass mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing that focuses on improving a healthy body, positive mindset, and discovering your true inner soul which establishes Mind-Body-Soul connection.

Our History

Just after college days, our founder began to notice several people in her circle suffering from emotional & mental health issues that are considered to be taboo those days. She wanted to combat those stigmas and help others out of their difficult situations.


Started to learn practical mind reprogramming techniques when she was fighting with her emotional stress, opening the path to working with mind rather than mere physical body.


Self-transformational journey which was truly transforming and enabled her to reinvent herself.


Attempted to practically explore all her interests from going deep about mind to finding her true calling!


After years of self-study, decided to quit her MNC job with a passion to empower people’s lives with her education, experience and practical knowledge that she learned throughout.


Started a new journey as an entrepreneur with additional learning in counseling, psychotherapy, parenting, child development, and many other fields


Started volunteering for social communities to go above and beyond for those in need due to her passion for helping people achieve their greatness in life.


Brainstorming with family and friends about the vast idea of creating a positive impact in society - startup under her own name and parallelly idea of "Resilient" was born.


Launched Online services that assists people to live the fullest life by overcoming their limiting beliefs and empowering them with powerful mind strategies.


Bloombyond evolved as a company providing various services all around the world that overhaul people’s lives at every step.


Continues to empower students, parents, teachers, and women with many more new services and fresh opportunities.


Our Philosophy

Our Values






Start your wellness journey now!

Whether you are unhappy with life, stressed out with a limiting mindset, confused in choosing the right career that aligns with your purpose, or you wish to redefine your life?

Join us to achieve greater wellness and create your finest version in every step!

Why Holistic Approach?


Relieves stress, fear, regrets, limiting beliefs, and eases you to create your own mindful destiny without getting trapped into procrastination.


What you do for you today is not
just for you but is for our future generations too – Be Mindful of the path you take!


Mind-body- soul connection will aid you to live the life of your dream without living in past regrets.


It will help you create and practice healthy habits that will put you in a healthier state of mind even in times of trouble and constant stress.


Helps to live a fulfilling, nourishing, satisfying life that makes you feel content in every dimension you step in, be it a personal or professional success.


Assists you in discovering a bigger vision that enhances you to live a life with a meaningful purpose.

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Client Satisfaction


We’re truly grateful to our wonderful clients and the love they spread. We’re amazed that some great men have reached out to us with their feedback, that makes us smile 🙂 Here’s what some of them had to say about their experiences with our NLP training.

Arivazhagan, Quality Officer in Gas & Oil Company, Fujairah

To improve my communication and interaction with my clients, colleagues, and well-wishers, I was looking for a tool, and skill to improve myself. There I found NLP. I approached Ms. Jayasree Rajendran from Bloombyond, to help me to achieve my objectives. She helped me with the systematic teachings and training, and also with the continuous follow-up and refresher sessions. Now I am confident and able to demonstrate myself, in all situations, and also able to respond positively. And also it helps me to commit myself to get the best out of me, to the people close to me and whoever I am working with. For some reason making a genuine commitment makes a big difference, and that’s true too. I recommend Bloombyond for any of your requirements and If this interests you and you’re prepared to put the time, energy, and emotional work into exploring NLP, then you’ll benefit significantly, and BloomByond is the perfect place.

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