How to choose the best career path wisely?

Most of us are stuck when it comes to choosing the right career. It is one of the biggest and toughest decisions that all of us make at least once in life. Finding the perfect career path is as important as finding a true friend. Do you agree?

A bad friend could ruin your time and mindset. He will drag you down in every part of life. Similarly, a bad professional path can make your life miserable. 

Moreover, it will destroy all your inner peace, happiness, and make you so distressed and dissatisfied in life.

Last week a young woman started a conversation with this question, “What would be the right kind of job for me?”

Definitely, I can’t say it on the go just by reading her face. 

I explained to her that there is a lot of trial and error involved in finding the right career that suits you. So it is best to have a career counseling session to avoid all those.

Then for the next two hours, we discussed deeply her goals, priorities, interests, hobbies, proficiencies, and future demands. Additionally, the Career assessment gave her a lot of ideas on how to go further. 

After the session, she felt confident and got a destination to travel forward in life. It does not happen only with her. 

Most of the students and professionals come to me with the same question and situation. All they expect is that one short answer to know what the right kind of job for them will be.

It is not something that you can easily choose as a dress, you must do a few steps before that. Let’s dive into 3 powerful tips to keep in mind to choose your career wisely.

1. Set a foundation right:

The key to setting a great career lies in knowing the full scope of the career. Before going blindly into anything, identify and research more about what you will do, what will be the future scopes in that specific field, where would you see yourself in 5 years in that career choice.

Never be ashamed or afraid to try other fields of your interest. Explore multiple fields and consider various options. Because these days nothing is restricted to one field. You must know something about other similar fields too. 

“Don’t Confine yourself, Explore beyond the boundaries!”

2. Understand the core reason:

There may be several reasons to choose a career. Few of those may be most common as money and fame. But that won’t make you happier in the long term.

 If you plan to do something, then understand the core reason behind it. Use a golden circle and rethink what you have chosen, why you have chosen, and what’s the motive behind it. 

It enables you to focus on the mission and to build a vision towards the path once you figure out the core idea.

“At the core we truly find reasons to continue the path which we are choosing”

3. Discover challenges:

Imagine you are doing the same job repeatedly every day for the whole month without even a little bit of change, wouldn’t it be a terrible thing to do?

Similarly, your job must not be a monotonous thing, it must be something to push you beyond your limits, to take challenges, and to solve problems.

It must engage you with creative thoughts. And that when you get job satisfaction and self-validation.

“Life is the process of discovery of  new perceptions through challenges”


In this world of opportunities, it is tougher to choose the right career that aligns one’s interests, vision, hobbies, skills, and passion.

Making the right career choice involves a lot of uncertainty, complexity, and high risk of consequences. It’s better to have a career coach who can simplify all those processes and guide you in a correct choice that puts your head in life.

Are you looking for a career counselor or a coach? 

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