Confidence is the companion of Success

Mastering this skill will set you apart from others!

In the initial days of my career, I adored a senior in my team. Especially I wonder about the way she projects herself from committing to new projects to appreciating her co-workers.

As days passed, I noticed that she was a highly likable person all over the office. Moreover, she gets promoted easily and has become an irreplaceable asset to any team she steps into!

I always had this question in my mind, how she is so charming, adapting, and obtaining people’s trust easily?

Finally, I found that answer while we both were talking about our personalities.

I asked her the question that I had in my mind for many days, and she just replied with one short word called ‘Confidence’.

Today even I believe, Confidence is one of the most important skills that everyone craves. You must acquire it to be successful in both your personal and professional life.

Even a little level of self-confidence can make a huge impact on the way we talk and do things… Wondering how?

If you have self-confidence, You strongly believe in your actions, which eventually makes you more focused to take full responsibility for the work.

Confidence is self-taught. If you practice building confidence. You start to believe in your abilities to venture beyond your limits!

Let’s dive into 3 modest tips to be more Confident, 

1. Sparkle with your body language:

Your body language plays a huge role in determining your confidence in others. Research shows that 55% of communication and confidence is determined by body language.

🌻Pro tip- Have a straight posture and use hand gestures while talking to others.

2. Focus on Strengths:

Knowing your values helps to stand for what you believe in. It also helps in making value-driven choices every time which will add more confidence in you!

🌻Pro tip- Stand for yourself and what you believe.

3. Fake it till you make it:

Practice, and get better at everything you do. Your accomplishments, attire, and healthy positive attitude make a powerful impression on others. You are what you feel, so build self-confidence inside to shine through it outside.

🌻Pro tip- Vibe with positive words and attitude wherever you’re going.

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