4 tiny habits that will have a drastic impact on your life

Just imagine you  have a big project presentation or speech tomorrow, can you prepare the whole presentation overnight? Some people might do, however it won’t be the exact result of what he/she wanted or what is expected. Isn’t it? 

Then how are we expecting some great results in a jiff without willing to give enough time to practice?

“There are only three things we can do that will create lasting change: Have an epiphany, change our environment, or change our habits in tiny ways.”

― B.J. Fogg 

Habits play an important role in every part of our life. We are all trying to follow new habits. We all even take that first step. But why can’t we maintain that consistency in doing it every day?

Taking the first step is easy for some of us, but the secret of success lies in how long you stay with executing it.Huge life improvements can be made only through simple tiny habits. 

If you are thinking of creating some new habits and don’t know when and how to start, think of doing these 4 tiny habits which just take only 15 mins to develop, that will leave a massive impact on your overall well-being!

1. Stretch up!

Moving your body after waking gives innumerable benefits to your brain and body! I understand some of you are already thinking that it is the toughest task to do.

Start with some basic stretches, warmups, try to move your body as much as you can. If you want some super energetic start go with cardio exercise. Sun salutation is the best for all. 

It encourages you to kick start your day with a greater positive mood and make you more productive throughout. It also helps you to get better and earlier sleep nights that maintain your hormonal balances.

2. Decluttering 

At times hoarding a lot of things can make us feel overwhelmed. Getting rid of excess stuff can benefit your mental health and create inner peace. 

Decluttering reduces your stress by shifting focus and makes you calmer. It could also help you to improve your overall mental wellbeing.

Decluttering & organizing your work/study desk or just decluttering your inbox messages and emails can make you feel relaxed.

3. Build stronger relationships 

Strengthen your relationship every day. Just ask your parents, loved ones, and siblings how their day was and what they did in a day. 

Spend a few quality minutes with them. Let them express what they feel to you. Celebrate their small wins every day.

If your loved ones couldn’t spare a quality time as they did in the past. Remember as a person they are evolving and he/she has some more important priorities to look after. Try to understand and support them in every possible way.

4. Upskilling constantly

Learn something interesting or new every day. Take 15 mins each day to stay updated in your industry.

Rebuild one of your hobbies whether it can be learning a new language, writing stories, or even playing your favorite sport. 

You can even choose any 1 for now and make it consistent – then move to next – after all, we are humans, and it is a process to build anything new. Let us give that time and enjoy our journey! 😊 

Final words:

Even the toughest thing that you think you can’t do. Can be done if you break into tiny tasks or habits. Small changes can seem to be funny, if you commit yourself to consistently doing it everyday you will see massive returns in the long term. Making a tiny change is the best way to create a lasting change.

I am curious to know what are some of the tiny habits you follow in your life? 

What more habits are you willing to inculcate?

You can book a session with me to make a move with the above steps happening in your life! 

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